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​​The process

Once you reach out to us we will set a time to complete the inspection.  You have a contract date on your Contract to Buy and Sell that has “Inspection Objection” on it.  We will need to complete the inspection at least 24 hour prior to this date so we have time to complete the inspection and deliver the report.
Once we have arranged a time, we will send over our contract to you via email.   This contract will include the pricing, terms, disclaimers, and scope of work.  We will arrange for payment of the inspection on the phone.  You can pay with credit card (for a small fee) or meet in person with cash or check.  We do require payment prior to delivering your report.  
You do not have to attend the inspection.  However, you are welcome to!  We always give this as an option because an inspection can last up to 5 hours depending on the size of the home, scope of issues with the home, or inclement weather.  This can be taxing on your schedule.  Many times what we like to suggest is to come towards the last 30 minutes of the inspection and we can go through what has been found and address any concerns or questions you have at this time.
Report delivery.  You should receive your inspection report from us within 24 hours, but usually within 4 to 6 hours (depending on our schedule).

Your report is delivered….now what?

Once you have the report in hand you might be asking yourself many questions; “What now?  What’s important to ask for?  Is this even in English?”
First off—take a deep breath.  Remember that it is our job to point out every little thing we can find inside this house that can be a potential or current issue.  Not every issue is a red flag!  This process is stressful and the report you receive can be up to 35 pages or more!  We’d like to
briefly outline what we think are the thing that really matter:

Major Issues---this can be foundation cracks, subfloor heaving, or wall movement. Any structural issue can fall into this category.
Issues that can become major ones if ignored---this can be the absence of a sump pump in the basement or crawl space that could lead to flooding, or a small leak on the roof that can become a very large one over time.

Issues that would keep you from gaining financing on the home—This would be if you were trying to get FHA or VA financing—the appraisers have stricter guidelines for the property you are purchasing when there are defects such as flaking or peeling paint that can keep you from obtaining financing.  This is not an issue for conventional buyers.

Health and Safety issues----things that are improperly installed or items that can cause things such as electric shock or cause personal harm.
Remember that no house is perfect!  Many times the sellers are completely unaware of the defects that we locate in the home.  We find that most homeowners are not out to cover things up, hide things, or keep you from knowing all you need to know.  

Take a little time to run through the report and note the items that you feel are the most important.  Then it’s time to get together with your real estate agent on the phone and discuss what should be put on your Inspection Objection.  

It’s important to note that the seller does NOT have to complete all or even any of the items you request on your Inspection Objection.  Many times a seasoned agent will discuss with you what is considered reasonable and justifiable to ask for and sometimes you have to recognize that you will have some items (such as cosmetic ones) that will go unaddressed.  Don’t kill your deal by expecting all the little things to get fixed; especially ones that were already noted on the Seller’s Property Disclosure or items that are insignificant.